While you can enjoy any type of beer during the fall months, it can be fun to try something that shares a close association with this time of year. A good choice to try is pumpkin spice beer, which you can buy at your local beer store. While some beer stores carry one or more types of pumpkin spice beer throughout the year, this is a beverage that is in large supply during the fall. It's common to see large displays of pumpkin spice beer when you enter the retailer, giving you all sorts of enticing options. Here are some differences that you'll find in these beers.


The amount of sweetness in pumpkin spice beers can vary considerably from product to product. There are some beer aficionados who enjoy certain beers that are on the sweeter side, while others favor choosing brands that stay away from anything more than very subtle sweet flavor notes. It's worthwhile to think about what other sweet beers you've had in the past and consider how you enjoyed them. Whether you're interested in a sweeter pumpkin spice beer or something that has less of a sweet taste, you can then speak to a sales rep to have them refer a few products to you.


Beyond sweet flavor notes, pumpkin spice beer also has spice notes. Spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and ginger are all used in the brewing process, and each of these spices can be evident in the finished product. In some pumpkin spice beers, the spicy flavor notes are quite pronounced. This can be a good choice for someone who enjoys intense pumpkin spice flavors. Others may gravitate toward a beverage in which the spicy notes are a lot subtler.

Alcohol Content

When you look at a selection of pumpkin spice beers at your local beer store, it's common to see that the alcohol content of these products can vary considerably. Give some thought to your preferred alcohol content in beer. Some people like having just one serving of a beer with a higher alcohol content, while others prefer products with less alcohol so that they can have a couple of drinks. There are even some pumpkin spice beers that have an extremely low alcohol content, which can be desirable for certain consumers. To learn more about pumpkin spice beer and browse a variety of products, visit your local beer store.

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