You need to know how to store beer properly if you want to optimize the craft beer experience. There are certain storage mistakes to keep in mind so that your craft beer offers the highest quality possible when you consume it.

The following are six mistakes to avoid regarding the storage of craft beer. 

Storing beer in an environment that's too warm

If you let craft beer get too warm while it's in storage, it is likely to decrease in quality. Beer should be stored in a cool environment. Make sure that you're storing beer in a climate-controlled environment such as a cellar where the temperature stays at room temperature or below at all times. 

Storing beer in an environment with too much light

You shouldn't underestimate the harm that light can have on beer in storage. Some people assume that temperatures that are too high cause beer to "skunk". However, it's important to know that light can be more damaging to craft beer in storage than warm temperature.

Store beer in as dark an environment as possible to keep its quality high over time. 

Keeping beer in storage too long before consuming it

You can't store beer forever. Some people have the misconception that beer can keep or even improve in storage since everyone knows that wine improves with age.

Beer and wine are completely different entities. While beer might improve slightly over short periods of time in storage, it won't improve long term like wine will. Make sure that you don't keep beer in storage for more than a couple of years before consuming it. 

Failing to store beer in the fridge long term when possible

If you'll be storing beer for a while, it will keep best if it's stored in the fridge. If you have room in your fridge, store your beer there to maintain optimal quality over time. 

Letting beer get so cold that it freezes

While keeping beer in storage cool is important, you don't want to let your stored beer freeze. For one thing, in certain types of containers, beer can explode if it freezes. Beer can also experience a significant loss in quality if it freezes in storage. 

Failing to refrigerate beer after opening it

Drinking beer days after it has been opened will always result in a loss of quality. Nevertheless, your beer might still be decent a day or so after it has been opened if you refrigerate it immediately. You shouldn't drink beer hours after it has been opened if it hasn't been refrigerated.