Your first serious dinner date may include sharing a glass of wine or preparing a spritzer for the person who you have been trying to impress for the last few months. You probably don't want to seem cheap and you may be somewhat concerned about giving your company too much alcohol before the first course is even served. All of the supplies that you need to make a positive impression can be purchased from a neighborhood liquor store.

Create A Makeshift Bar Area

If you own a bar and stools, use the furnishings to promote an atmosphere that is similar to one that would be found in a quaint tavern. If you are going to be winging it, however, set up a nice patio set or card table and move a cart alongside the table, which is stocked with alcohol, fruit and vegetable slices, ice, and glassware. At a liquor store, you will find an assortment of wine flasks, both constructed of glass and plastic.

Shot glasses, fancy stemware, umbrella adornments, and reusable ice cubes are some additional items that will make each homemade cocktail seem special. Don't assume that your date is going to want to get tipsy during the dinner occasion. They may be more interested in sipping a bottle of white wine that contains a low alcohol content or enjoying a spritzer that contains fruit juice, seltzer water, and an alcohol mix.

Seek advice from the liquor store clerk about wines and cocktails that will pair well with the appetizers and entrees that you plan cooking. Bring your purchases home and set up an intimate drinking area that overlooks your backyard or patio. Prepare the dinner separately and place the platters of food on your dining room table. 

Take Things Slow

When your date arrives, lead them to the makeshift bar and request their preference in drink type. Next, offer your company some cheese, crackers, and other small food items. The food will counteract the alcohol, which means your partner will be less intoxicated during the initial part of the date.

Either recommend a wine flavor or mixed spritzer that will complement the main course or allow your date to take their time, sipping beverages that they are accustomed to drinking. At the end of the night, store all of the leftover wine and liquor in a cool, dry area so that you can use the beverages during another date that is being hosted at your home.