Does the standard club situation bore or irritate you? Do you want to promote a more relaxed, comfortable experience that steps away from loud music, but doesn't go deeply into snobbery? Everything needs to point towards a more relaxed, but safe setting, from the furniture to the liquor. Here are a few design and feature points to enhance comfort and chill factor in your drinking establishment.

Low Light And Natural Light Filtering

Bars and clubs often have a dark and reserved setting. The dark hides a lot of unattractive feature in both building features and people, but you can add just a bit more light to make your club a bit more laid back.

The key is to balance out people's moods. There's a certain threshold of evening light that allows people to be more free and open with their actions and emotions, but when the dark comes, it crosses over to getting away with things that others might not approve of. The second part isn't necessarily bad--especially when there's consent--but relaxation means assuaging fears as well.

Your club's lighting should emulate evening light. Artificial light is just a small part of the equation, as it can be difficult to get a light setting that is both appealing to the eye and easy to clean off when grime from smoke or humidity dirties the light fixtures.

If your club is open during the day, opt fro translucent curtains instead of full light or blocking out the light completely. The light will do its job for you, and anyone who wants to enjoy a good book while sipping on a fine wine, whiskey, or cocktail can do so with a warm table light.

Alcohol Storage And Display

The available liquor can set the mood as well. By all means, make sure to have the drinking essentials of your staff and favorite visitors, but opt for bottles that have a translucent material and labels that aren't especially shiny against the light.

Drinkers may read that suggestion and point out that the bottle's contents are what matter. Very true when it comes to drinking, but your goal here is the social science behind setting moods and keeping the mind relaxed before, during, and after the drink.

Does your club have a theme? If it's a drinking library of sorts, add liquor to bookshelves place drink and meal lists on library checkout cards. If you want to push any kind of comforting, welcoming and calm theme, be sure to keep music at a low level and in the corners of the room rather than in the center or near the bar.

Contact a liquor delivery professional to discuss available brands, storage options, and drinks that are great for specific moods.