Many people believe that champagne is something you break out for occasions such as job promotions, New Years', or for a big romantic gesture. Probably for most people, it's because champagne has a short half-life. If you don't drink the bottle, once broached, the champagne will go flat, and the whole point of buying champagne is the bubbles, right? Of course, they now sell wonderful and nifty little gadgets for resealing champagne bottles again. Most of these are available for less than the price of a decent wine opener, so there's no excuse.

If you're looking to drink champagne more often, here are some options to consider. 

Visit Local Liquor Stores

But then... how to pick? if you've been sticking to only occasional champagne buying, you may not have the familiarity you would have if you drank it more often. Many people just pick based on the bottle or brands they've tried before. Particularly good liquor stores will sometimes put notes on the different types of wine and champagne, so you have a better idea of what the bubbly will taste like, but in many places, you're on your own, and probably will end up picking the bottle for the neat label and price, as opposed to taste. 

Order Wine Online

Well, as always, the internet is there to help. You can research of course. You may be able to find a winery in your area that does a good sparkling wine (which is technically not champagne but often referred to as such). There are also hundreds of websites that are dedicated to nothing but the tasting and description and rating of wine (sparkling or otherwise) and champagne, which can help guide you in your choices. You might be the kind of person who loves doing deep dives on things like this. 

Join a Champagne Club

There are also champagne clubs. Much like other services that are common in the modern age (you can get monthly subscriptions to just about everything) you can get a monthly champagne subscription. Some subscriptions are specifically for strictly champagne, while some that are looser and cover a larger variety of sparkling wines. They not only can help you find champagnes that might be rare or unavailable in your area, but many will also send you what kind of notes you might expect to taste in your bubbly drink while recommending pairings for you.