If you're a beer lover, then you should take the opportunity and make sure you take the opportunity and visit a beer festival. These will run during the end of the summer and into the fall. You will get the opportunity to sample lots of cool beer related things, plus you can enjoy the day outside at the event. It's a fun outing for anyone who loves beer and wants to enjoy it in all of its various incarnations. Here's a few things that you will get to experience.

Recipes That Use Beer

One of the cool things about a beer festival is that you will get to sample recipes that are made using beer. Beyond the normal things such as beer battered onion rings, you will get to taste things such as cakes (chocolate stout cakes, perhaps) cheeses (such as Belgian ale-based cheese) and other inventive recipes that are made with cheese. Many of the food stalls will sell beer based foods, so it's not just cooking demonstrations.

Demonstrations Of Homebrew Techniques

Another cool thing that you will get to see are the demonstration of homebrew techniques. This is one of the coolest things to see in person. No matter how many videos you watch online, or books you read on technique, it's always great to see it performed in person. This is why a beer festival is so cool. You will see experts demonstrate how to measure out the yeast, and how to  sanitize the equipment. It's also great to see how to properly vent the gas from the fermenting container. Making beer is sort of tricky, so it's important that you see an expert do it in front of you so that when it comes time to make it yourself you don't make a mistake and end up with moldy, undrinkable beer. Also, you will often be able to get the beer making supplies at the festival.

Samples Of Small Micro-Brew, Local Beer

Finally, never forget that you will get the chance to sample all sorts of beers when you are at the festival. This is cool because many of these beers are not going to be locally available in your supermarket or even in a specialty beer store. This is a fantastic because it allows you the chance to experience really small batch, microbrews that might taste amazing. You can then get the contact information from the sellers and arrange to have them shipped to you during the year.

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